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Paper Roll

Paper Roll

1. Thermal Paper Roll

2. Adding Machine Roll

3. Bond Paper Roll

4. Cash Machine Roll

5. 2 Color Thermal Roll

6. Pre-Printed Roll

7. ATM Roll

8. Thermal Label Roll

9. Thermal Card

10. Self Contained Roll

  • Roll Cut Size from 16mm width to 762mm
  • Thickness from 48 gsm to 170 gsm
  • Woodfree, Bond, Thermal, NCR, Kraft, Marker, & Self Contained Materials Ready
  • Imported from Japan
  • Application & Quality Guaranteed
  • Customerized Design, Logo Printed, Edge Printed, Punching & Perforation Available
  • Best Retailer's Choice


Thermal Paper Roll:

With a long and proud history of serving our industry and clients, KOSOKU undoubtedly is at the forefront when it comes to high-quality thermal paper. The KOSOKU product portfolio is both unique and diverse, and is ready to meet clients’ product demand in any area of application. KOSOKU supplies Mitsubishi products, a thermoscript brand name that carries the largest range of thermal papers to suit any needs worldwide. Not to mention, all our products are both bisphenol and phenol-free.

In addition to our broad spectrum of thermoscript products, KOSOKU also supplies product that are required for a wide range of specialties. KOSOKU together with Mitsubishi offers unique products such as those with proven security features, 2 colour or rewritable thermal papers, or those with special anti-fade grades. Simply browse our catalogue and we are sure you will find the product you need.

KOSOKU currently manufactures thermal papers for ATMs, Kiosks, Cash Registers, POS and the payment processing industry in general. Our products cater to businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, logistics companies, financial institutions, as well as those in the hospitality and medical industries, or even government organisations.


Adding Machine Roll/Bond Paper Roll/Cash Machine Roll:

KOSOKU provide woodfree paper receipt roll in impact printers that utilize ink ribbons. Mostly use in restaurants kitchen machine or cash machine roll.


Pre-Printed Roll (Printed advertising):

With thermal papers the coated side is used to print receipts. The back offers all sorts of opportunities for advertising, which in turn can reduce costs. Print advertising is also possible on the front to a limited extent. Many receipts are being used as a vehicle for advertising. Offset, flexo, and other conventional printing techniques offer further advertising potential for the use of thermal papers-and make great demands on their properties. The printabililty of the paperbefore it reaches the thermal printer is therefore of growing importance.


Thermal Card:

Airline tickets or baggage tags, High Speed Rail tickets, trains or boats, parking tickets and toll receipts. The tickets used in the transport industry have to satisfy stringent requirements. Excellent printability, maximum security, extreme stability and durability are the yardsticks of our work.