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Computer Form

Computer Form

Our Computer Form products are well-known across a multitude of industries. KOSOKU enjoys the patronage of local, as well as multinational clients, who continually look to us to fulfill their specific needs in various applications.


Computer Form


Specifically-designed to be used with dot matrix printers, the most common type of our Computer Form Printing are blank forms designed in single ply. They are commonly wood-free paper or multi-ply, carbonised paper, usually referred to as “NCR paper” (non carbon copy paper) or also “CCP” (carbonless copy paper). In terms of size, the type that enjoys the highest demand, as it is used by most companies, is the 9.5 x 11ins. This computer form is considered the “standard size”, with paper colour options: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green.


Business Forms

We stock the most commonly used business forms to suit all needs.

  1. Tax invoice
  2. Bill of Lading
  3. Delivery order
  4. Letterhead
  5. Purchase Orders
  6. Statement of account
  7. Invoices
  8. Guest Folios
  9. Registration Card
  10. Shipping
  11. Receiving Forms
  12. Official receipts


Mailer sets available

  1. Payslips
  2. Payment Advice
  3. Renewals
  4. Reminders
  5. Notices
  6. Security Forms


Computer Form Pre-printed Forms:

KOSOKU maintains an inventory of pre-printed forms to suit the requirements of clients. Our high quality computer form products are tailored to meet any special operational needs. It is designed specifically for high-grade spot or process colour printing. What’s more, our product is compatible with doc-matrix, inkjet or laser printers.


Blank Forms & Stock Forms: (Woodfree/NCR Paper)

Our product are continuous forms with sprocket holes for efficient and mass printing

Plain Form, Line Form


Clients can refer to the table for product descriptions, product code, size, ply and paper, as well as packing (sets per box). Not sure which product suits your needs? Feel free to contact our sales them and they will be happy to assist or give you all the product details you are looking for. Our professional sales team is highly-trained and possess a wealth of industry experience. They are always on-hand to give the best advice and form the most significant part of our customer-oriented services. At KOSOKU, customer satisfaction is undoubtedly our prime key to success and we strive to always maintain at all times.